Leveraging over half a century of industry experience, we built a world-class theater that was acoustically designed by Anthony Grimani, master room designer.  The room is the ultimate expression of a dedicated home theater and offers a perfect synergy of architecture and technology, delivering the true suspension of disbelief. The lucky owner of an Innovative Home Media (IHM) theater, is treated to an audio/video experience so holographic, so transparent, that it transports them to another place and time.  Our demo theater has been featured in the following national publications: Widescreen Review, CE Pro and Home Theater magazines.

The beauty of our showroom lies in its unique ability to demonstrate a state-of-the-art Home Theater experience in an acoustically engineered environment that can be duplicated and scaled to perform identically in our clients’ homes. When they experience the theater, they are excited to learn that they can achieve the same sound quality in a dedicated theater in their home and that this approach can be scaled to accommodate a wide range of budgets, while still maintaining the same level of performance.

One of the many reasons for this consistency results from using the first production application of curved baffle wall technology in Triad’s CinemaPlus Platinum LCRs which made their debut in this theater.

These speaker systems create their own acoustic boundary inside an acoustically engineered and treated environment, making it possible to achieve performance that can be duplicated, particularly when fine tuned with high resolution EQ system.

Taking advantage of the latest knowledge about bass propagation, twelve 12 CinemaPlus Silver Subwoofers, driven by 6000 watts, are mounted midwall in groups of three per wall. Standing waves are reduced, providing the most accurate bass over the broadest seating area in the room. Bass is further improved by turning the upper level riser of this two-level theater into a giant bass trap.

The audio performance envelope achieved in this showroom is world class. It is due in part to Anthony’s engineering experience designing cinemas, screening rooms, and home theaters, plus his work at Lucasfilm creating the very first Home THX standards. And also to the Innovative Home Media teams expertise in fine-tuning the acoustical elements of the room. Demonstrating that the combination of great equipment, expert design and acoustical tuning of a theater will yield unmatched, repeatable performance level. A methodology that can be used as we move from project to project, assuring our clients that their theater will have the same performance level and quality of the demo system that they experienced in our showroom.

In addition to its sound quality, this room can demonstrate Sound Pressure Levels significantly above Reference Level at all seats with low distortion.

All of the speakers and acoustic treatments are attached to the walls and ceiling and hidden by a design-neutral stretched fabric on the outer walls and ceiling and an acoustically transparent 160” wide 4-way masked Stewart projection screen. This approach enables the room to work with virtually any design motif a client or designer can imagine, simply by incorporating different fabric colors and room details


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