Serious home theater requires serious speakers–speakers capable of faithfully reproducing pyrotechnics, nuance and everything in between. Triad is proud to introduce your ticket to audio realism, the InRoom Gold LCR. Triad's all new InRoom Gold LCR features proprietary drivers and an over-built, acoustically inert enclosure for low distortion, high sensitivity, and high power handling. The performance begins to approach that of the formidable Triad InRoom Platinum LCR, but at one-third the price. The Gold LCR mates well with the best separate electronics but also is compatible with better A/V receivers, and is equally adept at reproducing music and movie soundtracks. Even in large home theaters, the InRoom Gold LCR's high sensitivity and high power handling create an impressive and dynamic home theater experience, while always maintaining composure. To visually blend into your decor, the InRoom Gold LCR is available in a variety of book-matched real wood veneers, as well as custom matched paint and veneer options.