• The Silver LCR is at the center of Triad’s home theater speaker range. It beautifully covers applications from simple multipurpose rooms with high powered AVRs to premium dedicated theaters driven by high-current separates. Equipped with dual 6 1/2" drivers, it produces a powerful and immersive soundscape in both traditional and Atmos sound systems. The five Silver LCR models offer multiple placement possibilities to complement any environment without compromising the polished, detailed sound. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • InRoom Silver LRH 1InRoom Silver LRH Main
    Triad has designed a two-in-one speaker for Dolby Atmos®-enabled systems: the In-Room LR-H. These retrofitted speakers combine a traditional forward-firing In-Room LCR speaker and an upward-firing height module all in one compact cabinet. These custom speakers retrofit new and existing sound systems in homes where speakers are unable to mount in the ceiling. The LCR speaker delivers powerful, authentic performance through premium drivers, controlled sound reproduction, and superior audio quality. An upward-firing height module projects sound toward the ceiling, which reflects directly to the listener, delivering sound as if from above. View Datasheets >> View Support Documents >>
  • InRoom Silver MiniMonitor Main
    Triad’s Silver MiniMonitor speakers are engineered to deliver striking music and cinema sound to high-end home applications with precision and power. These speakers exhibit a traditional two-way design taken to the highest level, using acclaimed Scan-Speak Revelator® drivers—some of the finest performers in the business—and a premium, compact enclosure for high-output, high-sensitivity audio reproduction. The Silver MiniMonitor is professionally engineered for full-range audiophile sound in smaller venues, or it can be paired with a Triad Sub for larger power handling and output. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • InRoom Silver Monitor Main
    The Silver Monitor series exemplifies Triad's commitment to high-end custom sound, with four versions; one InRoom, two InWall and one InCeiling model. All four models feature groundbreaking proprietary enclosure technologies, as well as the finest drivers available, for unsurpassed performance. Depending upon the venue, the InRoom Silver Monitor is well suited to critical two-channel listening or, with it's high (92 dB) sensitivity, it is just as appropriate for demanding home theater applications. It can be used as a full-range monitor, a high-end point-source surround, or with any of the Triad InRoom or InWall Subs. In each case, it effortlessly delivers startling clarity and dynamics. As with all Triad speakers, the InRoom Silver Monitor is available in at least twenty real wood veneers, as well as an unlimited array of custom paint and veneer finishes, at an additional cost.
  • The Triad Silver Satellite’s 6" drivers, high-fidelity sound, and extended bass response makes it ideal for multiroom audio, mid-sized surround sound systems, home theaters, and media rooms. Paired with high-power AVRs, it produces rich audio that will immerse large areas with dynamic acoustics at forefront and background listening levels. With premium components and a two-way compact design, the Silver Sat delivers precise sound reproduction and isolation. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • InRoom Silver Sub Main
    Triad's InRoom Silver Sub offers excellent bass performance in an attractive and compact package. Triad's subwoofers offer the best in value and versatility, in a stunning new industrial design. With all new drivers, enclosures, and amplifiers, there is a Triad subwoofer for any application. Powerful SubAmp technology combines Class AB performance and near Class D efficiency with set-up and calibration features as recommended in CEA/CEDIA's new state-of-the-art defining document CEB-22 "Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design." The RackAmp 700 amplifier provides simple"plug-and-play," EZ set-up, and 700 watts of power. Great performance right out of the box in nearly any room. The Silver Sub's new 12" long-throw woofer provides greatly increased output and headroom over previous Triad Silver subwoofers, but with low distortion and more visceral impact. Custom paint matching and an infinite number of veneer finishes are available, because we build all our subs one at a time in America, just for you.