• InRoom Platinum Center Main
    In designing a mate for the exceptional InRoom Platinum LCR, Triad has succeeded in creating the ultimate center channel speaker. The InRoom Platinum Center uses the same premium drivers featured in the InRoom Platinum LCR to ensure accurate pans across the front soundstage as well as incredible headroom and output. Costly proprietary drivers from Scan-Speak and Seas were chosen for unparalleled accuracy, output, and reliability, even in the most demanding theaters. Sensitivity is very high at 94.5 dB/2.83 volts, 1m. Because of the vertically aligned mid/tweeter/mid array, three InRoom Platinum Centers may be used across the front where space dictates. An integrated tilting feature allows the speaker to be further aimed at the seating area. The extremely solid, acoustically inert enclosure uses revolutionary internal technologies that disperse and absorb the distortion-causing back waves that normally reflect out through the cones. Where the best sound for movies is crucial, Platinum is the only choice.
  • InRoom CR LCR2 3InRoom CR LCR2 Main
    Cinema Reference products were designed for home cinema & music systems that demand very high SPLs and audiophile sound quality. The InRoom Cinema Reference LCR 2 speakers combine a propriety new generation folded-ribbon tweeter, Triad-developed wave guides and solid ingot-like enclosures with Diffraction Control Technology (DCT)ª. They deliver very high output with ultra high resolution at all playback levels. Relatively modest in size, the LCRs can hide behind acoustically transparent film screens or 11-deep stretched-fabric walls. The Cinema Reference LCR 2 can be wall mounted with up to 12 degrees of toe-in, or used as a freestanding product with its optional floor stand. Finishes include flat black, gloss, real wood veneers and custom colors.
  • The strength of this exceptional loudspeaker is its absence of compromise. The OnWall Platinum LCR can resolve the subtlest musical detail with effortless accuracy, but when called upon, can reproduce the most powerful movie soundtrack at theatrical levels in virtually any size room, from a family room to a large screening theater. Designed for easy mounting to the Triad Baffle Wall system, the OnWall Platinum LCR comes with isolation brackets mounted to the solid, sealed enclosure and at a compact 9" depth, it's designed to fit behind cloth wall systems. The cabinet is built extremely solid, and is acoustically inert. It contains revolutionary internal technologies that disperse speaker back waves before they can add distortion by reflecting back through the speaker cones. Expensive proprietary drivers from Scan-Speak and Seas were chosen for their accuracy, output, and reliability. Efficiency is high at 94.5 dB. We know of few other speakers that will play this loudly that sound this good. Where sound quality for both movies and music is crucial, Platinum is the only choice.
  • The OnWall Mini LCR 1.0 SE is the newest addition to the Mini LCR family, Now there is a version of Triad’s most compact LCR for every conceivable application. The OnWall Mini LCR SE (Special Edition with upgraded drivers) is the perfect solution for use with wall-mounted flat-screen televisions, providing excellent sound quality in a slim, handsome package. As with all other Triad speakers, the OnWall Mini LCR SE can be ordered in any color you choose. Triad can do this because we build your order expressly for you; we don’t ship old speakers from inventory! And for an additional charge, Triad can custom size any OnWall Mini LCR's in almost any length up to a maximum of 82″, to perfectly match your video display. Although the Mini LCR can be used without a subwoofer in smaller venues, it is a great choice for home theaters when used with one or more Triad Subs and Surrounds. You get that great Triad sound without big, bulky boxes!
  • OnWall Micro LCR 3.0 3
    The new OnWall MicroLCR 2.0 features two of our MicroLCR 1.0’s integrated into an attractive, compact onwall package. It is a huge upgrade over the speakers that came with your flat panel TV, offering clarity and higher output, and at a very reasonable price. When used with a modest receiver, they greatly enhance your television experience. View the Quick Start Guide here The OnWall MicroLCR 2.0 is ideally configured horizontally. By omitting the center channel, the new 2.0 works well with televisions with displays 55″ or less. The speakers can either be mounted to the wall or the TV for maximum versatility. If you wish, you can order the MicroLCR 2.0 in a custom size to perfectly match your video display. Custom paint matching is also available. While the OnWall MicroLCR sounds great when used by itself, simply adding one of our value-priced OmniSubs (or any of our InWall or InCeiling subwoofers) and a pair of our Surround or InCeiling round offerings make for a great small room home theater experience.
  • The Silver LCR is at the center of Triad’s home theater speaker range. It beautifully covers applications from simple multipurpose rooms with high powered AVRs to premium dedicated theaters driven by high-current separates. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>