• OnWall CR Surround2 Wall MountOnWall CR Surround2 Main
    Cinema Reference products were designed for home cinema & music systems that demand very high SPLs and audiophile sound quality. The Surround 2 has a new and unique Unipole design that achieves even hemispherical power response that bipoles & dipoles strive for. It's also timbre matched with the CR LCR 2s to create smooth transitions, soundstage, and envelopment. The Surround 2s are also suitable for use with or without subs in music listening rooms with broad listening areas. Relatively modest in size, CR Surrounds can hide behind 9-1/2 inch deep stretched-fabric walls. The CR Surround 2 can be wall mounted with up to 12 degrees of toe-in and 10 degrees of tilt. Finishes include flat black, gloss, real wood veneers and custom colors.
  • The strength of this exceptional loudspeaker is its absence of compromise. The OnWall Platinum LCR can resolve the subtlest musical detail with effortless accuracy, but when called upon, can reproduce the most powerful movie soundtrack at theatrical levels in virtually any size room, from a family room to a large screening theater. Designed for easy mounting to the Triad Baffle Wall system, the OnWall Platinum LCR comes with isolation brackets mounted to the solid, sealed enclosure and at a compact 9" depth, it's designed to fit behind cloth wall systems. The cabinet is built extremely solid, and is acoustically inert. It contains revolutionary internal technologies that disperse speaker back waves before they can add distortion by reflecting back through the speaker cones. Expensive proprietary drivers from Scan-Speak and Seas were chosen for their accuracy, output, and reliability. Efficiency is high at 94.5 dB. We know of few other speakers that will play this loudly that sound this good. Where sound quality for both movies and music is crucial, Platinum is the only choice.
  • OnWall Gold Surround Main
    Triad’s OnWall Gold Surround redefines the high-end surround speaker. An impressive seven-driver compliment in a bipole (or dipole, by request) array offers high power handling and high sensitivity, for prodigious output and an enormous surround field. In large rooms or in rooms requiring high output, one or two pair may be used. The OnWall Gold Surround is the perfect choice for surround when used with Triad Gold or Platinum LCRs and Triad Subs. Output is robust; as high as 10 dB more than conventional bipole or dipole surrounds. The handsome Acoustiperf grill extends a scant 5″ off the wall, and the grill can be ordered in any custom color you choose. Not only is the OnWall Gold Surround the benchmark bipole/dipole surround, it also blends seamlessly into your room…sound without compromise!
  • Based off the popular InWall Silver/15 Sub, it's the perfect choice of prodigious bass and compact enclosure all designed for dedicated theaters using cloth wall systems. The OnWall Silver/15 Sub features a 700 watt amplifier, a long-throw, cast-basket 12" driver, and the most structurally solid subwoofer enclosure available anywhere. Now you can have serious bass–not the weak bass from conventional open-back "woofer" designs that lack extension, articulation, and output, but rather bleed unwanted sound into adjacent rooms. The new amps provide simple"plug-and-play," and EZ set-up. Designed for easy mounting, the OnWall Silver Sub comes with isolation brackets mounted to the solid, sealed enclosure. You can have great performance right out of the box in nearly any room. Where there is at least 9" of depth; in a false wall, a cabinet, or behind cloth wall systems; the OnWall Silver/15 Sub is the one answer for powerful yet invisible bass.
  • OnWall Silver Surround Main
    Where surround speakers can't be built in, the OnWall Silver Surround provides another Unique Solution. The OnWall Silver Surround, a member of the Triad Silver family, provides full-frequency reproduction of analog and digital surround information while blending into the environment. Three premium drivers are used in this innovative bipole to yield high output and a satisfying, enveloping surround field. As this speaker is built-to-order in America, you can specify a dipole configuration, if you wish. The low profile speaker comes with Triad's exclusive Acoustiperf grill, and is painted either black or white. Virtually any color can be ordered to either compliment the decor or blend in perfectly with Triad's Custom Paint Matching Program. The OnWall Silver Surround can be used in arrays of multiple pairs in larger rooms and can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted to suit the situation.
  • OnWall Bronze SlimSub Main
    Triad's newest OnWall powered subwoofer solution allows you to integrate full bass into your system while using minimal space. The OnWall Bronze SlimSub is a perfect solution for many ultra-flat TVs using soundbars and with the included EZ Mount Brackets, it is a quick and easy way to mount on your wall where it's low profile is a mere 4.4 inches deep. The enclosure can be made to further blend into your environment with Triad's exclusive paint matching program...we perfectly match your speakers to your wall color with the sample you provide. Unlike most shallow subwoofers, the OnWall Bronze SlimSub is a real performer. One SlimSub provides great bass for music or smaller scale A/V systems and a second sub enclosure can be paired for additional output. OnWall Bronze SlimSubs are available with a new 300-watt amp that provides simple"plug-and-play," and EZ set-up. You can have great performance right out of the box in nearly any room. Triad has a custom subwoofer solution for virtually every application, with great performance as well as seamless integration into your decor.
  • OnWall Bronze Surround Main
    Never before has Triad offered such a reasonably priced and unique solution to the problem of integrating surround sound into a home theater environment. The OnWall Bronze Surround was designed to provide an enveloping surround field when used with better A/V receivers in moderately sized rooms, with both analog and digital sources. While the default configuration is bipole, you can specify your Bronze Surrounds as dipoles if you wish, as they are built-to-order in America, especially for you. This compact surround speaker is available in either black or white, and can be custom paint matched to your environment by Triad for truly invisible sound. When used with Bronze LCRs and Triad Subs, the OnWall Bronze Surround completes the perfect home theater and music system for the enthusiast on a budget.
  • OnWall Bronze LCR Main
    Triad proudly introduces the new OnWall Bronze LCR. With the same great performance as their InRoom, InCeiling and InWall counterparts, Triad now offers upscale solutions for installations using flat panel video displays, or where only an onwall speaker can be used. All OnWall speakers utilize a compact, sealed enclosure and handsome Acoustiperf grill. They also feature a unique EZ Mount Bracket system that allows the speaker to mount flush to the wall. Finishes available include an almost unlimited selection of veneer or paint. As with all Triad speakers, any speaker can be custom color matched to your sample. In addition, Triad also offers custom height sizing for matching the video display height. Although the Bronze LCR can be used without a subwoofer in smaller venues, it is a great choice for home theaters when used with one or more Triad Subs and Surrounds.
  • InCorner Bronze Sat Main
    Triad's latest applications-based solution is the InCorner Bronze Satellite. This elegant corner speaker joins the InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling versions of the Bronze Sat, all of which offer nearly identical sound, regardless of placement. The InCorner Bronze Sat was designed to deliver quality full-range sound where placement or construction constraints mandate the speaker mount in a corner. Among this innovative speaker's many applications, it performs very well as a back surround speaker. Triad offers custom paint matching so the speaker virtually disappears, blending in with the wall color. Again, Triad offers a niche speaker that allows for innovative placement with no sonic compromise. And like nearly all Triad speakers, it's built-to-order in America, with a limited 10-year warranty.
  • OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 SE 1OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 SE Main
    By popular demand, we have designed a new upscale version of one of the most popular speakers in our history, the OnWall Mini LCR 3.0. The new "Special Edition" version is called the OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 SE, and it features the same basic form, only with unparalleled performance for this genre of speaker. Unlike most 3-in-one LCRs, the SE uses high-performance drivers for great imaging, bass, and output. Behind the handsome Acoustiperf grill, there are three separate audiophile speaker systems, integrated into one clean package. This speaker may be used without a subwoofer, but when used with a sub, it can be part of a very serious home theater system. Not only can this fine speaker be ordered in any color you choose, It can be custom sized up to 82" (at a modest upcharge) to perfectly match your flat-screen television. When only the best will do, choose the OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 SE.
  • OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 1OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 Main
    Triad's new Mini LCR has been well received as a compact, high-performance front speaker solution. Versions include InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling, and now, Triad introduces a new 3-in-1 OnWall version; the OnWall Mini LCR 3.0. The OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 integrates three discrete Mini LCRs into one handsome enclosure, for onwall use with flat panel video displays. Featuring an attractive Acoustiperf grill, the speaker can be ordered in black, white or silver, or it can be custom paint matched at Triad to any color you desire. In addition to custom paint, Triad also offers custom sizing for matching your flat screen television. The OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 can be used full-range in smaller venues, or with a subwoofer to create a most impressive home theater experience in larger rooms. It's the perfect high-performance alternative to ordinary 3-in-1 soundbars, and it's built in America and backed by Triad's limited 10-year warranty.
  • OnWall Mini LCR 2.0 SE 1
    The upscale "Special Edition" version of the OnWall Mini LCR 2.0 features two of our Mini LCRs with upgraded components integrated into an attractive, shallow onwall package. Omitting the center channel from the OnWall Mini LCR 3.0 SE allows the new 2.0 SE to work with televisions with 55" displays or smaller. An added bonus is reduced depth at 3-5/8", for better integration with today's new shallow onwall televisions. Unlike most onwall"soundbar" speakers, the OnWall Mini LCR 2.0 SE uses very-high-performance drivers in an extensively braced and inert cabinet, as you would expect to find in an expensive audiophile speaker. To further blend into your decor, custom sizing is available at extra cost, as is a custom veneer option, using Triad's almost unlimited array of custom-matched real wood. Custom paint matching is also available. Although the OnWall Mini LCR 2.0 SE has bass enough to be used without a subwoofer, it can be part of a serious home theater when used with a Triad subwoofer.