• The Triad Silver Satellite’s 6" drivers, high-fidelity sound, and extended bass response makes it ideal for multiroom audio, mid-sized surround sound systems, home theaters, and media rooms. Paired with high-power AVRs, it produces rich audio that will immerse large areas with dynamic acoustics at forefront and background listening levels. With premium components and a two-way compact design, the Silver Sat delivers precise sound reproduction and isolation. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • InCorner Bronze Sat Main
    Triad's latest applications-based solution is the InCorner Bronze Satellite. This elegant corner speaker joins the InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling versions of the Bronze Sat, all of which offer nearly identical sound, regardless of placement. The InCorner Bronze Sat was designed to deliver quality full-range sound where placement or construction constraints mandate the speaker mount in a corner. Among this innovative speaker's many applications, it performs very well as a back surround speaker. Triad offers custom paint matching so the speaker virtually disappears, blending in with the wall color. Again, Triad offers a niche speaker that allows for innovative placement with no sonic compromise. And like nearly all Triad speakers, it's built-to-order in America, with a limited 10-year warranty.
  • Triad’s Gold Omni Special Edition speakers deliver superior full-range sound with their calculated, minimal design in virtually any setting. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • Triad’s Gold Omni Special Edition speakers deliver superior full-range sound with their calculated, minimal design in virtually any setting. Triad offers two configurations of the Gold Omni SE for multiple installation options, featuring studio-grade drivers and crossovers for detailed, extended bass; clean, harmonic treble; and substantial output. Ceiling-mounted speakers project sound directly to the listener through unique angled baffles, and fully-engineered sealed, braced enclosures ensure sound isolation. The Gold Omni SE can be used for two-channel systems in smaller rooms, upgraded distributed audio, or as part of an intimate home theater system with a sat and sub partnership. Use as a high-resolution, standalone pair of speakers, or create a full-range surround sound experience by pairing with Triad LCRs and subs. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • The new OnWall MicroSat 2.0 features two of our MicroSat 1.0’s integrated into an attractive, compact onwall package. It is a huge upgrade over the speakers that came with your flat panel TV, offering clarity and higher output, and at a very reasonable price. When used with a modest receiver, they greatly enhance your television experience. The OnWall MicroSat 2.0 is ideally configured horizontally. By omitting the center channel, the new 2.0 works well with televisions with displays 55″ or less. The OnWall MicroSat 2.0 comes with brackets and a template to mount the speaker to the wall. If you wish, you can order the OnWall MicroSat 2.0 in a custom size to perfectly match your video display. Custom paint matching is also available. While the OnWall MicroSat sounds great when used by itself, simply adding one of our value-priced OmniSubs (or any of our InWall or InCeiling subwoofers) and a pair of our Surround or InCeiling round offerings make for a great small-room home theater experience. View the Quick Start Guide here