Triad’s latest entry in the Monitor series is a larger yet still compact upgrade from the popular Silver Monitor, with more extended bass, greater headroom, and astonishingly effortless detail. The InRoom Gold Monitor may be used full range in moderately sized rooms, or with Triad Subs in larger home theater venues where the most accurate rendering of both music and movie soundtracks is desired. The Gold Monitor proudly uses all Scan-Speak Revelator drivers; two premium 7″ woofers and a revolutionary, expensive ring radiator tweeter with response extending to 50 kHz.

You will discover new details and dynamics in your recordings you thought you knew well! Innovative materials are used in the InRoom Gold Monitor’s robust, acoustically inert cabinet to maintain pure reproduction at all playback levels, from a whisper to a roar. Virtually any paint or wood veneer finish is available, including optional custom matched veneer to blend into your environment. The InRoom Gold Monitor was designed to be used when only the best is good enough.