In designing a mate for the exceptional InRoom Platinum LCR, Triad has succeeded in creating the ultimate center channel speaker. The InRoom Platinum Center uses the same premium drivers featured in the InRoom Platinum LCR to ensure accurate pans across the front soundstage as well as incredible headroom and output. Costly proprietary drivers from Scan-Speak and Seas were chosen for unparalleled accuracy, output, and reliability, even in the most demanding theaters. Sensitivity is very high at 94.5 dB/2.83 volts, 1m. Because of the vertically aligned mid/tweeter/mid array, three InRoom Platinum Centers may be used across the front where space dictates. An integrated tilting feature allows the speaker to be further aimed at the seating area.

The extremely solid, acoustically inert enclosure uses revolutionary internal technologies that disperse and absorb the distortion-causing back waves that normally reflect out through the cones. Where the best sound for movies is crucial, Platinum is the only choice.