• Triad's RackAmp 700 combines powerful Triad RackAmp DSP v2 technology with Class D performance and efficiency to provide superior bass, set-up, calibration, & control. RackAmps are designed to pair with Triad subwoofers exclusively to produce high impact, explosive bass with films as well as nuanced, detailed, & tuneful bass with music. You can hear the difference. The RackAmp 700 delivers 700 Watts into the 4 ohm load of one standard Triad subwoofer.  All RackAmps provides three convenient set-up methods; Plug and Play mode which delivers real-world high performance, easily; EZ Menu Set-up for even higher performance – with both 2-channel and home theater systems; and Advanced Computer Set-up for ultimate performance. Delivering even more output and headroom than before. The RackAmp 700 will provide you with great performance right out of the box in nearly any room.
  • Silver FlexSub with grill
    Triad's new FlexSubs allow you to add bass to an audio system with the very least amount of visual impact. We named them "FlexSub" because of their installation flexibility. The Silver FlexSub is a version of Triad's powerful Silver Sub that has been configured to install behind a ceiling, cabinet toekick, baseboard, wall, or crawl space. The bass is channeled through a damped, coiled, expandable, flexible tube that terminates with one of two grills; a very small standard Triad grill, or a vent outlet. If you have access to your attic, basement, crawl space, or the back of a cabinet, the Silver FlexSub enclosure mounts in a hidden area, and all that is seen is a very small grill or vent, which we can paint match for you. All parts and hardware are included. The Silver FlexSub comes with the new RackAmp 700, which provides control and 700 watts RMS, and a high-performance, long-throw 12" subwoofer driver for solid bass performance . The amplifier installs with the rest of your electronics for your convenience. Where even more bass is desired, multiple Silver FlexSubs may be used, and they'll be virtually invisible. With no big, black boxes on the floor or huge grills in the walls, you can now have great bass in any room without having any impact on your decor!