The new OnWall MicroLCR 1.0 was designed for use with today’s shallow flat panel televisions. Unlike standard TV speakers, which are little more than an afterthought, and even most aftermarket speakers of this genre, the OnWall MicroLCR offers excellent performance, with high output and clarity. The OnWall MicroLCR can be used vertically, flanking a television for a left or right speaker, or horizontally, above or below the video display, for use as a center channel speaker.

Custom sizing is available to match the dimensions of your TV, if you wish, at extra cost. Custom paint matching is also available. While OnWall MicroLCRs provide great sound when used alone, a serious home theater system can be assembled using one of our value-priced OmniSubs, one of our smaller premium Subs, or one of our many InWall or InCeiling subwoofer offerings. Unlike nearly all other speakers in this category, the OnWall MicroLCR is built to order in America, in our modern, green factory in Portland, Oregon.

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