Triad’s newest 3-in-1 onwall speaker is designed for use with shallow flat-panel televisions. The OnWall MicroLCR 3.0 is the big brother of the popular OnWall MicroSat 3.0, offering more bass extension, and almost 5 dB more output, for exciting, dynamic sound. When used without a subwoofer, sound is full and clear, with robust output. And augmenting the MicroLCR 3.0 with one of our OmniSubs or one of our many InWall or InCeiling subs makes for a great home theater experience.

In addition to the standard width, custom versions are available, at extra cost, up to a width of 82″. Custom paint matching is also available, so we can paint your speaker to match your wall or your TV. Real wood veneer is also an option, at extra cost. The OnWall MicroLCR 3.0 comes with brackets and a template to mount the speaker to the wall. All MicroLCRs 3.0s are built-to-order expressly for you, one at a time, in America. There’s no reason to put up with the mediocre sound provided by today’s flat-panel TVs. The OnWall MicroLCR 3.0 delivers a true home theater experience.

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