Triad’s new Mini Sat 3.0 has been well received as a compact, high-performance front speaker solution. Versions include InRoom and InWall models, and now, Triad introduces a new 3-in-1 OnWall version; the OnWall Mini Sat 3.0. The OnWall Mini Sat 3.0 integrates three discrete Mini Sats into one handsome enclosure, for onwall use with flat panel video displays. Featuring a handsome, Acoustiperf grill, the speaker can be ordered in black, white or silver, or it can be custom paint matched at Triad to any color you desire.

In addition to custom paint, Triad also offers custom sizing for matching your flat panel television. The OnWall Mini Sat 3.0 can be used full-range in smaller venues, or with a subwoofer to create a most impressive home theater experience in larger rooms. It’s the perfect high-performance alternative to ordinary soundbars, built in America and backed by Triad’s limited 10-year warranty.