Triad’s RackAmp 300 provides powerful Triad RackAmp Class A/B performance with near Class D efficiency for superior bass, easy set-up, quick calibration, & control. RackAmps are designed to pair with Triad subwoofers exclusively to produce high impact, explosive bass with films as well as nuanced, detailed, & tuneful bass with music. You can hear the difference.

The RackAmp 300 delivers 300 Watts into the 4 ohm load of one standard Triad subwoofer. Certain Triad subs can be special ordered as 8 ohms and driven in pairs by one RackAmp 300. These products include our Mini & Bronze subwoofers.

Delivering power than its predecessor for even more output and headroom than before. The RackAmp 300 will provide you with great performance right out of the box in nearly any room.